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Restaurant Mayfair Private Dining Menus

Discover more about Private Dining in Mayfair at Kanishka

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Our stylish event spaces are luxuriously decorated, and available to hire for any special occasion.

We specialise in creating memorable moments. Please feel free to call our dedicated events team, and we will be delighted to begin specially tailoring your experience.

We have 3 private dining spaces in our Kanishka Private Dining Rooms.

You can use this space as one large private dining room, or two/three smaller private dining rooms. This space is hugely versatile – suitable for business lunches, networking cocktails parties or formal dinners, as it is for an anniversary, wedding or birthday celebrations. This space also has a gorgeous outdoor terrace space.

Restaurant Mayfair Private Dining Menus

Kurkure Soft Shell Crab
Crispy fried crab, raw papaya salad, passion fruit chutney

Naga Scallops
Smoked chilli spiced diver scallops, parsnip puree

Atul’s Chicken Tikka Pie
Tikka masala in puff pastry, cumin scented berry compote

Grilled Pigeon Breast, Shimeji, Beetroot
Achari pigeon breast, shimeji mushroom, beetroot ketchup, pine nuts

Ghugni Aloo Tikki (v)
Panfried King Edward potato cake, spiced chickpeas, goat yoghurt

Gangtok Momos
Choice of filling – organic vegetables (v), free range chicken or Kentish lamb, steamed and served with tomato and chilli chutney, fermented pounded vegetable

Prawn Sapta
Lahasa inspired prawns, spring onion, kale

Manikya Hiran Sanku
New forest venison skewers, celeriac and pear puree

Masala Mixed Grill
Selection of lamb chops, prawn, fish and chicken tikka
(Vegetarian alternative available upon request)

Tandoori Phool Aur Badam (v)
Tandoor roast baby cauliflower, almond korma

Seafood Moilee Curry
Pan-seared seafood, onion and ginger sauce

Malai Kori
Grilled monkfish, aubergine, coconut curry

Jungali Titar
Roasted pheasant, fig, Jerusalem artichokes, Tripura masala sauce

Dad’s Murg Makhani
Tandoor cooked chicken tikka simmered in San Marzano and fenugreek gravy

(Vegetarian alternative available upon request)

Sikkimese Duck Roast
Roasted Gressingham duck breast, crushed smoked tomatoes, baby root vegetables

Purani Delhi Ki Gosht Biryani
Sealed and baked lamb, aromatic rice, served with burani raita
(Vegetarian alternative available upon request)

Sagolir Manxo
Cumin and black pepper spiced country goat curry


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Tuesday to Friday
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Dinner: 5pm – 10pm

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