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Restaurant Mayfair Kanishka’s Cocktails

Atul‘s Passion Fruit Martini
Ketel One Vodka, passion fruit purée, lemon juice,
passion fruit juice, sugar syrup

Old Fashioned
Buffalo Trace whisky, Orange bitter,
Angostura bitter, brown sugar

Raspberry Bellini
2 servings – served with a Mini Prosecco bottle
Chambord, Golden Falernum rum

The Floral
2 servings – served with a Mini Prosecco bottle
Elderflower, lychee, orange blossom

Mango Margarita
Tequila infused with mango, mango juice, lime, triple sec

Kanishka G&T
Jin Dea, spiced rum liqueur, lemon, ginger beer

Plum Elixir
Plum infused Seedlip Spice, ginger ale

Passion Fruit Martini
Seedlip Citrus, passion fruit purée, lemon juice,
passion fruit juice, sugar syrup

The Kings Enigma
Strawberry Infused Vestal vodka, timur pepper
and vanilla syrup, lemon, Champagne

Kanishka Kiss
Atul‘s vodka, crème de cassis, cacao white, blue curacao,
raspberry, lemon juice, topped with Champagne

AK Malt Sour
Fat washed Crabbies 12 whisky, egg white, lemon
juice, maple syrup

Roast Banana Old Fashioned
Charred banana infused James Cree 3yr bourbon, anise
& cinnamon syrup, whisky bitters, orange bitters, orange

White Lady
Atul‘s gin, lychee liqueur, rose syrup, chamomile tea
lemon juice

AK Negroni
Saffron & chilli infused Tanqueray, cocci rosa, Campari

Tandoor Pineapple Rum Punch
Tandoor pineapple infused Old J Spiced rum, spice rum
liqueur, lime, ginger beer, cinnamon syrup

El Chapo Margarita
Blanco tequila, Cointreau, oolong tea, grapefruit juice,
lime juice, ginger and green chilli syrup

Raspberry Smash
Tanqueray, cabernet sauvignon, elderflower, raspberry,
lime juice

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