Celebrate World Vegan Month

November 2019

When it comes to vegan dining, Indian food lends itself so beautifully to naturally delicious vegan food. Atul Kochhar celebrates all aspects of Indian dining including the love of vegan and vegetarian dishes that are full of beautiful flavours and textures.

To celebrate World Vegan Month, we are bringing one dish in particular dish to the forefront.

Grilled Aubergine, masala kale and coconut korma sauce (£12)

Warm, aromatic whilst being both decadent and comforting, this dish created specifically for World Vegan Month will not only please hungry vegans but anybody trying to make a conscious effort to go meat free this month.

“Across India, almost a third of the population are vegetarian and the variety of exceptional vegetarian and vegan dishes across the country is mind blowing. Vegan food should not be about creating replica ‘meat’ dishes but celebrating the beauty of fresh vegan ingredients and making something beautiful with them.” – Atul Kochhar

Throughout the year, we offer a Vegan A La Carte Menu as well as Vegan Tasting Menu (£78pp). Dishes include Sabji Momo -moreish organic vegetable dumplings, witch delicate heat from a tomato and chilli chutney and fermented pounded vegetable and Kathal Shapta – Lahasa inspired jackfruit and chilli stir fry with bok choi and spring onions.

We also offer a beautiful selection of vegan wines that can be paired with the Tasting Menu (£125pp with wine) and vegan cocktails such as the Kanishka Mojito.

To view our vegan menus please click here.

Celebrate World Vegan Month